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This site was brought to you by the programs HTMLKit, Macromedia Dreamweaver, pico, nano, Ultraedit32, paintshop pro & The gimp; the pinkstuff people who host this site; A list apart and Bluerobot.com's Layout Reservoir for miscellaneous css tips and tricks; free scripts listed on the right because I don't see the point in attempting to write my own when other more experienced people are willing to do it for me; the colour #9966FF and the letter S.

I'm in the process of making my site into valid XHTML 1.0, the latest web standard. The aim is that all the pages I write should validate properly, and that things like the weblog should have as few errors as possible. Check the xhtml validator links on some pages to see how well I'm doing! ;) The negative side effect is that the layout only displays properly in browsers that fully support css. I realise that some people have no choice of browser, but I've read that it's worth doing this to encourage people and organisations to upgrade.

Random: I am never in denial.
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